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RhysMedia is a company of Web Design dedicated to the Development of webpages and SEO in Logro±o and La Rioja. We want to accompany you in all the process by creation of your webpage and to delude themselves in the same way with your project that it beams you.

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Welcome to €“ Where your Web becomes reality!

We speak of your Webpage

  • We like to know to the needs and restlessness by which you wish that your business of the jump to Internet. We will advise to you and guide in all the process with the purpose of to obtain the awaited results. We will look for the best way to remove party to your business in the network, and so you will be able:
  • To gain relevance and is present in Internet.
  • To increase the sources of income of your company.
  • To secure more sales with your virtual store.
  • To spread to your activities and/or contents.
  • To mint your website by means of announcements and/or marketing of affiliation

And much, much more€¦

Your Company of Design Web in Logro±o

Web Design

We work in center of designing all type of pages Webs for companies and individuals. Specialists in the creation of Corporative Webs or Electronic Company, Commerces, Blogs, Directories, etc, we satisfy all the needs that your company can require at the time of giving the jump to Internet.

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  • We work in:
  • Municipality: Logro±o
  • Province: La Rioja
  • Population: 153 066 inhabitants. in 2013
  • Surface: 79.57 km ²
Demonym: logro±©s, logro±esa, lucroniense.

Source: Wikipedia

You need a designer Web?


Pages Car-Manageable Webs

Specialists in WordPress and Joomla

We are expert in WordPress and Joomla, two managers of contents that will allow you to update, to publish and to add new pages to your site of clear and comfortable form, as if you wrote a document in Microsoft Word or you published in your social networks.

Design Web Responsive

Webs adapted for Tablets and M³viles

The technology is cambiante, and our form to sail by the network also is it. From the entrance of smarthphones, tablets and the rest of devices in our daily life the visits that secure to the pages Webs no longer only come from desktop computers.

Positioning Web

Positioning Initial Web

All the pages Webs that we designed in Logro±o from include a SEO (positioning Web in finders) basic. Your page will be included in the main web search engines as Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition we will take care of the internal structure of your page doing a good use of the election of keyword and the internal liaisons that compose your website.

Graphical and Corporative design

Graphical design, logo and corporative image for your Web

You don't have a logo to include in your Web? No corporative image? Nothing. You do not worry, from we were in charge of the graphical design for your Web equipping it with a professional and unique aspect. We adapted to your present corporative image to take it to the following level or created a new look that impresses your potential clients.

Writing of Contents

Writing of Contents for Webs

At the time of describing your company and/or activity he is habitual to feel difficulties to express in format text all the virtues and kindness of your activity. In addition not only one is to communicate to the visitor all characteristics as company, is important to show the client who benefits is going to obtain from you. It is why the contents that you show in your page mark the difference at the time of turning a client or generating a sale.

Multi-idoma Webs

Pages Webs in several Languages

If by the activity of your company or the nature of the same, you need not only to have your Web located in perfect Spain in a Castilian, but to include several languages, from we designed sites that offer the possibility of implementing pages Webs in several languages.

Programming to size

Programming Web in Logro±o

You to size need a functionality for your webpage? Some special characteristic? We are in constant formation, which allows us to offer solutions to you to size in programming Web in order to satisfy all the needs that your company can need for its perfect development in the cloud.

Maintenance Web

Maintenance of Webpages

No longer you have so that to worry to you about the periodic maintenance of your webpage. You don't have the technical knowledge sufficient to manage the Web of your company? You spend long time in maintaining your website correctly updated? Does Your page have some failure and you don't know to only solve it your? You don't find a useful tool for the management of your Web?

In we offer the possibility of we make position of the maintenance and the constant update of contents in your website so that your you can spend your time to other workings of your company.

  • In addition they include
  • Web Hosting Free (1º year)
  • Domain Free (1º year)
  • Limitless accounts of Mail
  • Automated backup copies

Technical attendance

In we want to cause that the jump to Internet is for possible most comfortable and optimum you.

It is why we offer the best suppliers of Web Hosting and Domains, we created the mail accounts that your company needs and offer a technical service to our clients lasting in the time.

Graphical design in Logro±o

Taking care of the image that you project

From we as much give to life to the visual image of your brand offering for you the best graphical resources for Web and devices multimedia, as destined to impression and the stationery store. In us you would find the study of graphical design in who you were looking for.


RhysMedia Trabaja with€¦

  • These are only some of the technologies and tools with which in €œ€ we worked to always offer the greater quality and the last new features to you in the design of webpages in :
  • Technologies of Design Web
  • Managers of Contenido (CMS)
  • Tools SEO

Email Marketing
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