The SEO is the form to improve the positioning with respect to your competition, when a search of a word or phrase is realised in an Internet finder. If you have a business with a webpage and you have not understood anything than you finish reading, perhaps you would have to finish reading this article. 😉

SEO for small and medium businesses

When you create the Web of your business, you are yourself relegated rear positions. Your Web is placed in the fifth page of searches in Google, and you do not know how to leave the rear. You want to go to forward edge, but you do not know how to advance.

For that we have 2 techniques:

  1. We can pay to the finder, and appear in the first outstanding positions as I connect sponsored (you will have seen in the part superior them of the results of Google). This system is known as SEM. It is a valid system, but it is not than we are speaking here.
  2. Than we are speaking is of SEO (Optimization Search Engine). Or what is the same, to optimize your Web so that she improves the results search, and thus you gain traffic and clients.

You can know our service SEO from the following connection: Positioning Web in Logro±o

In order to secure this objective we have several ways:

Key words (Keywords):

To limit along with the client, as they are the key words of his business, and as they allow him to be different itself from the competition. These words are those that are associated to your business through the Internet finders. For example, if we looked for airplane tickets, the results are Webs of transaction of tickets and airlines. Not of sale of toys for mascots. It is very important to select as they will be our key words. It is necessary to guide the client until our Web.

To optimize your Web (SEO On Page):

The finders realise million consultations every second. Given the volume of information that handles, she is necessary to put itself easy. That means to improve your Web so that it is in perfect communication with the finders, and thus have all the information that interests to us, without it causes some problem to them. The whichever best one is the communication between Web and finder, better will be your result search.

Content of quality (Copywriting):

The texts that appear in your Web can attract new clients. And also important, to do that just arrived not Marche quickly, but it remains sailing by our Web visiting all the sections. In addition, the created original content with the key words of your business, will help you to improve positions in the results search. The algorithms detest the Spam, and embrace the original contents.

Analysis of connections (SEO Off Page):

Internet is a network formed by different connections. Also those that take to your page. In RhysMedia we know that they are fundamental. For that reason we realised a service of audit of connections where we valued that I connect work, and as it is necessary to improve, or to eliminate. Although you do not know it, your page has an authority that to work. And for that we here are.

Positioning in Google

Service of positioning Web for SMEs:

The service of positioning SEO for SMEs allows that your Web raises in the positions search when somebody wants to find products and/or services on the basis of a word or a phrase.

It is necessary to consider that there is more than a form to be able to improve our positioning Web. We understand that there is no an expert in computer science and Internet in each business or company that are believed in Spain. Google gives a series of you rule where it indicates a series to us of ways to follow. There are companies that look for short cuts in those ways. But to the finders they do not like the short cuts. And in the end the harmed one is the client, who undergoes in his Web the other people's inventions.

In Riojaweb we always understand the professional relations as something lasting and increasing. We only grow if our clients grow. For that reason we bet by the SEO without short cuts. We bet to explain everything clearly what we do for your Web. And we bet by the maximum satisfaction of our clients.

This it is a brief summary than we can do by the webpage of your company. If you want to know more, you can put to you with us in touch here, and we will communicate as rapidly as possible with you.

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