We enter the month of April and already it is approached the indicated date. 21 of April Ah, that you do not know that it will happen that day? In serious? Leave me that it tells it to you:

21 of Abril Web Responsive

Google is put serious with movable navigation

All the changes that Google realises in its algorithms (the famous panda, penguin, hummingbird, etc) have positive or negative consequences in our Web sites, but all these changes have a common factor. The objective.

The objective that Google tries to obtain realising these algorithmic changes is not other that the one to offer one better experience search to the user.

It is by this important reason that has arrived the moment for changing the norms in movable navigation, which does not stop to grow day to day surpassing to the searches that are realised from equipment. And what measurement has taken? To affect seriously to the ranking of these pages.

Here you can read (in groins) the official official notice that Google has published in its blog of Webmasters.

What is a Web responsive and how to know if mine it is it?

A Web responsive is known him more vulgarly as adaptive Web. This type of design Webs all the resolutions and screens adapt to, allowing to follow a correct reading and navigation by the Web independent of the size of the device.

We already know that your Web also sees from the mobiles and tablets, but You have to make zoom lens to read certain texts? There are parts that do not visualize correctly? In these cases I feel to tell you that no, your Web does not pass the test.

Anyway you can test with the tool €œMobile Friendly€ that it has put Google to our disposition for such effect. I leave the connection here you.

Date limit to be Responsive: 21 of April

From the 21 of April of 2015, if your webpage does not adapt to the movable devices, you are going to have a serious problem, and is that Google is going to you to punish hard.

Google not yet has made public the exact measures that will take towards these webpages, which yes that it has safe is that they will be penalized. In fact it is sending to warnings by means of his Web Tool Master to all these affected pages.

The warning that commands is as the one of the attached image:

Warning Resposive de Google

also arrived you the happy has message? Then I feel it much, but you need to adapt your Web RIGHT NOW!

In Riojaweb we can adapt your Web to Responsive design

If you do not love that it pillages to you the bull (is not the name of the new little animal of Google, but she could well be; -)) you even have time to make the change and not to lose that traffic Web that surely as much time has cost to you to win.

It contacts immediately with Riojaweb and we will work in solving this problem and adapting your Web in time record.

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