The fashion no longer is only thing of the footbridges, in the design Web also tendencies and fashions exist. One of these last ones is the incorporation video backgrounds or bottoms animated in the form of videos to be able to draw attention of the user. And create to me that in many cases it is obtained.

Backgrounds video in Pages Webs

Perhaps in this post it is not the best way to show €œan elegant€ example to you of these video-backgrounds, but even so I am going it to you to try so that you can see an example insitu.

RhysMedia white Logo

As you can see just upon these lines I have inlhelp in the post a small video (of youtube) and I have added the logo to him of Riojaweb upon. The truth that is not anything from complicated thanks to language HTML5.

Some Webs with animated bottom:

Next I have selected 3 webpages that make a use of this technique with spectacular results:

    • Paypal: The used and useful platform of payment more of Internet has not let pass this tendency and has added a video in which it is possible to be seen as ser±o just gathers an accompanied received package of the phrase You want It? You have it.Video Background de Paypal
      We suppose that this gentleman has phelp that product with Paypal. 🙂


    • Vida de Pi: The official webpage of the film €œVida de Pi€ displays a complete screen video where it shows spectacular scenes to us of the film. Without a doubt a film that removes muscle at the time of speaking of special effects and does not lose the opportunity to demonstrate it to us in its website.Video in the Web Vida de Pi
      You do not stop visiting this Web and seeing its video of entrance.


  • Greenpeace: This dedicated organization to protect to the world and her nature of the constant threats that suffer by the man I create a webpage dedicated to his campaign €œInto The Artic€ in which Background Video embroiders the technique of HTML5 +.Background GreenPeace Video

You want to inlay a video of this type in your webpage?

Have You liked the Web that I have taught truth to you? This new style to present a Web has a double objective, on the one hand we impressed the new user who accedes to the Web and on the other hand we secured a greater dwell time in the site with the benefit that this supposes facing the SEO.

If your also you wish to add this characteristic to your webpage and to leave with the opened mouth all visitors you can put to you with us in touch and we will explain the best way to you to add this function in your Web.

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