Legal, Political warning of Privacidad and Cookies


Legal warning


Wilfrido Olabarrieta Madinaveitia, person in charge of this website, in future RESPONSIBLE, puts at the disposal of the users the present document, with which it tries to give fulfillment to the obligations ready in Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Comercio Electr³nico (LSSICE), BOE Number 166, as well as to inform to all the users of the website with respect to which they are the conditions of use.

All person who accedes to this website assumes the role of user, committing herself to the observance and rigorous fulfillment of the dispositions here ready, as well as to any other legal disposition that outside application.

Wilfrido Olabarrieta Madinaveitia reserves the right to modify any type of information that could appear in the website, without obligation exists to let know or to inform of the users these obligations, being understood as sufficient with the publication in the website of Wilfrido Olabarrieta Madinaveitia.


  • Name of domain:
  • Commercial name: RhysMedia
  • Social denomination: Wilfrido Olabarrieta Madinaveitia
  • NIF: 16.618.174-F
  • Head office: Vara de Rey, 21 €“ 23,
  • Telephone: 657 988 311
  • e-mail:


The website, including declarative but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting their programming, edition, compilation and other necessary elements for their operation, the designs, logos, text and/or graphs, is property of the PERSON IN CHARGE or, if it is the case, it has license or express authorization on the part of the authors. All the contents of the website properly are prot©g©s by the norm of intellectual and industrial property, as well as enrolled in the registries corresponding public.

Independent of the purpose for that they were destined, the total or partial reproduction, use, operation, distribution and commercialization, require in any case of the authorization written previous on the part of the PERSON IN CHARGE. Any nonauthorized use previously considers a serious breach of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the author.

The designs, logos, text and/or graphs other people's to the PERSON IN CHARGE and that could appear in the website, belong to their respective proprietors, being they themselves people in charge of any possible controversy that could be provoked with respect to the same. The PERSON IN CHARGE authorizes specifically to that third parties can redirigir directly to the concrete contents of the website.

The PERSON IN CHARGE does not recognize in favor of his holders the corresponding rights of intellectual and industrial property, not implying his single mention or appearance in the website the existence of rights or responsibility some on the same, as either endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation on the part of the same.

In order to realise any type of observation with respect to possible breaches of the rights of intellectual or industrial property, as well as on anyone of the contents of the website, he can make it through e-mail.


The PERSON IN CHARGE exempts of any type of responsibility derived from the information published in his website whenever this information has been manipulated or introduced by a third other people's one to the same.

Use of Cookies

This website can use technical cookies (small archives of information that the servant sends to the computer of that accedes to the page) to take to end certain functions that are considered for the correct operation and visualization of the site essential. The used cookies have, in any case, temporary character, with the only purpose of making more effective navigation, and disappear when finishing the session of the user. In no case, these cookies provide personal character data by themselves and they will not be used for the collection of the same.

By means of the use of cookies also it is possible that the servant where is the Web recognizes the navigator used by the user for the purposes of which navigation is simpler, allowing, for example, the access of the users who have registered themselves previously without having to register itself in each visit. Also they are possible to be used to measure the hearing, parameters of traffic, to control the progress and incoming number, etc, being in these cases dispensable, but technically beneficial cookies for the user. This website will not install dispensable cookies without the previous consent of the user.
The user has the possibility of forming his navigator to be alerted of the reception of cookies and to prevent his installation in his equipment. Please, he consults the instructions of his navigator to extend this information.

Policy of connections

From the website, it is possible that redirija to contents of third parties websites. Since the PERSON IN CHARGE cannot always control the contents introduced by the third parties in his respective websites, she does not assume any type of responsibility with respect to these contents. In any case, it will come to immediate retirement from any content that could contravene the national or international legislation, the moral or the public order, coming to retirement immediate from the redirection to this website, informing of the competent authorities the content at issue.

The PERSON IN CHARGE does not become person in charge of the information and stored contents, declarative, but for a reason or purpose nonlimiting, in forums, chats, social generators of blogs, commentaries, networks or any other means that allow third parties independently to publish contents in the webpage of the PERSON IN CHARGE. Nevertheless, and in accordance with the had thing in articles 11 and 16 the LSSICE, one actively puts at the disposal of all the users, authorities and forces of security, collaborating in retirement or, where appropriate, blockade of all those contents that can affect or contravene the national or international legislation, the rights of third parties or the moral and the public order. In case the user considers that some content exists in the website that could be susceptible of this classification, it requests itself notifies it of form immediate to the PERSON IN CHARGE of the website.

This website has been reviewed and tried so that it works correctly. In principle, it can be guaranteed the correct operation the 365 days of the year, 24 hours to the day. Nevertheless, the PERSON IN CHARGE does not discard the possibility that certain errors of programming exist, or that occur causes of greater force, natural catastrophes, similar strikes or circumstances that they make impossible the access to the webpage.

Directions IP

The servers of the website will be able to detect of automatic way direction IP and the name of domain used by the user. A direction IP is a number assigned automatically to a computer when this one is connected to Internet. All this information is registered in a file of activity of the servant properly registered who allows the later processing of the data with the purpose of to obtain only statistical measurements that allow to know the number of impressions of pages, the number of visits realised to the Web servers, the order of visits, the joining point, etc.


For the resolution of all the controversies or questions related to the present website or of the activities in him developed, it will be of application the legislation Spanish, which specifically the parts are put under, being competent for the resolution of all the conflicts derived or related to his use the Courts and Courts nearer LOGRO‘O.


Policy of Privacy


WILFRIDO OLABARRIETA MADINAVEITIA, in future RESPONSIBLE, is the Person in charge of the treatment of the personal data of the User and it informs to him that these data will be treated in accordance with the had thing in the effective norms in protection personal data, Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of 27 of April of 2016 (GDPR) regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing and to the free circulation of these data, reason why the following information of the treatment is facilitated to him:

Aim of the treatment: to maintain a trade relation with the User. The anticipated operations to realise the treatment are:

  • Remission of advertising commercial communications, as long as it is had previously authorized, by social email, fax, SMS, MMS, communities or any other electronic or physical, present or future means, that it makes possible to realise commercial communications. These communications will be realised by the PERSON IN CHARGE and related on their products and services, or of their collaborators or suppliers with which this one has reached some agreement of promotion. In this case, the third parties never will have access to the personal data.
  • To realise statistical studies.
  • To transact orders, requests or any type of request that is realised by the user through anyone of the contact forms which they make his available.
  • To send the bulletin of the news of the webpage.

Criteria of conservation of the data: they will be conserved while a mutual interest exists to maintain the aim of the treatment and when no longer it is necessary for such aim, will be suppressed with safety measures adapted to guarantee the seudonimizaci³n of the data or the total destruction of the same.

Communication of the data: The data to third parties will not communicate, except for legal obligation.

Rights that attend the User:

  • Right to retire the consent at any time.
  • Straight of access, rectification, portability and suppression of its data and to the limitation or opposition to its treatment.
  • Right to make a complaint before the control authority ( if it considers that the treatment does not adjust to the effective norm.

Data of contact to exert its rights:

  • Name of domain:
  • Commercial name: RhysMedia
  • Social denomination: Wilfrido Olabarrieta Madinaveitia
  • Head office: Vara de Rey, 21 €“ 23
  • Telephone: 657 988 311
  • e-mail:


The Users, by means of the marking of the corresponding squares and entrance of data in the fields, staked out with an asterisk (*) in the form of contact or presented in unloading forms, specifically accept and of free and unequivocal form, that their data are necessary to take care of their request, on the part of the lender, being voluntary the inclusion of data in the remaining fields. The User guarantees that the personal data facilitated the PERSON IN CHARGE are truthful and it is made responsible communicate any modification of the same.

The PERSON IN CHARGE specifically informs and guarantees the users who their personal data will not be yielded in any case to third parties, and that whenever some type of cession of personal data was realised, the express, informed and unequivocal consent will be requested previously on the part of the Users. All the data asked for through website are obligatory, since they are necessary for the benefit of an optimal service to the User. In case all the data are not facilitated, it is not guaranteed that the information and facilitated services completely are fit to their needs.


That in accordance with the arranged thing in the effective norms in protection of personal data, the PERSON IN CHARGE is fulfilling with all the dispositions of norms GDPR for the treatment of the personal data of his responsibility, and manifestly the principles described in article 5 of the GDPR, by which they are dealed with allowed way, loyal and she is transparent in relation to the interested one and suitable, pertinent and limited the necessary thing in relation to the aims for which they are tried.

The PERSON IN CHARGE guarantees that she has implemented political techniques and organizational appropriate to apply the safety measures that establish the GDPR with the purpose of to protect the rights and liberties of the Users and them have communicated the suitable information so that they can exert them.

Last update: 25 of May of 2018.


Policy of Cookies

What are the Cookies?

Cookie is a file that unloading in its computer when acceding to certain webpages. The Cookies allow a webpage, among other things, to store and to recover information on the habits of navigation of a user or its equipment and, following the information that contain and of the form in which it uses his equipment, they can be used to recognize the user. The navigator of the user to memorise Cookies in the hard disk only during the present session occupying a minimum space of memory and not harming to the computer. The Cookies do not contain any class of specific personal information, and the majority of the same erases of the hard disk when finalizing the navigator session, are denominated the Cookies of session. The majority of the navigators accepts as standard to the Cookies and, regardless of the same, they allow or they prevent in the adjustments of temporary or memorised security the Cookies. Without its express consent by means of the activation of the Cookies in its navigator, will not connect in the Cookies the data memorised with its personal data provided at the time of the registry or the purchase.

 What types of Cookies use this webpage?

  • Cookies technical: They are those that allow the user navigation through a webpage, platform or application and the use of the different options or services that in her exist as, for example, to control the traffic and the data communication, to identify the session, to accede to parts of restricted access, to remember the elements which they integrate an order, to realise the process of purchase of an order, to realise the request of inscription or participation in an event, to use security elements during navigation, to store to contents for the diffusion of videos or sound or to share contents through social networks.
  • Cookies of personalisation: They are those that allow the user to accede to the service with some predefined characteristics of general character based on a series of criteria in the terminal of the user as for example they would be the language, the type of navigator through what it accedes to the service, the regional configuration from where it accedes to the service, etc.
  • Cookies of analysis: They are those that or tried by us or third parties, allow us to quantify the number of users and thus to realise the measurement and statistical analysis of the use that the users do of the supplied service. For it its navigation in our webpage is analyzed with the purpose of to improve the supply of products or services that we offer to him.
  • Cookies advertising: They are those that, or tried by us or by third parties, they allow us to manage of the possible effective form the more the supply of the advertising spaces that is in the webpage, adapting the content of the announcement to the content of the asked for service or to the use that realise of our webpage. For it we can analyze his habits of navigation in Internet and can show publicity to him related to his profile of navigation.
  • Cookies of behavioural publicity: They are those that allow the management, of the possible most effective form, of the advertising spaces that, where appropriate, the publisher has including in a webpage, application or platform from which serves asked for. These Cookies stores information of the behavior of the users obtained through the continued observation of their habits of navigation, which allows to develop a specific profile to show publicity based on the same.
  • Cookies of third parties: The Web of can use services of third parties that, on behalf of, will compile information with statistical aims, of use of the Web on the part of the user and for the benefit of other services related to the activity of the Webpage and other services of Internet.

In particular, this Webpage uses Google Analytics, an analytical service of Web given by Google, Inc. residing in the United States with headquarters in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043. For the benefit of these services, these use Cookies that compile the information, including direction IP of the user, who will be transmitted, tried and stored by Google in the determined terms on the Web Including the possible transmission of this information to third parties for reasons of legal exigency or when these third parties process the information on behalf of Google. The User accepts specifically, by the use of this Webpage, the data processing successfully obtained in the form and with the aims previously mentioned. And also he recognizes to know the possibility to this end of rejecting the treatment of such data or information rejecting the use of Cookies by means of the selection of the appropriate configuration in his navigator. Although this option of blockade of Cookies in its navigator can not allow the total use him of all the functionalities of this Webpage.

Decontamination or elimination of the Cookies

You can allow, block or eliminate the Cookies installed in your equipment by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in your computer€¦

If it has doubts on this policy of Cookies, it can contact with through our form of contact or the data of contact that appear in the Legal Warning.