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Marketing in Instagram

 š¡5 tips for one marks personnel

¤ï¸ 5 tips for marketing in Instagram of one marks personnel

Marketing in Instagram

As you know, Instagram is one of the social networks with greater popularity at present. By that reason, one has become an excellent platform as much for professional personal brands/as for enterprise brands.

In that context, Marketing in Instagram can adapt to the needs, preferences and interests of each user whom, it looks for to harness his undertaking.

You don't create it? Then, it reviews the following reasons to use Instagram in your strategy of marketing online:

Instagram already has more 1,000 million active users

Although one is one of the youngest platforms, in just a short time, has been able to surpass the number of 1,000 million active users according to Statista.

With that potential of market, it is possible to find a public our brands and to make profitable any idea of business

Instagram allows you to create enterprise accounts

If your objective is to create an enterprise brand and to take advantage of the benefits the technological platforms, then you must incorporate to Instagram to your listing.

With a personal account, you can develop your own community of followers. Nevertheless, it will have several limitations as far as uses and information. By that reason, you can among others create an enterprise account with that you will be able, functions, take to statistics in real time of all actions and the reactions of your followers.

Instagram has a young public

In agreement with different sources, 70% of the users approximately are less than 35 years old.

Marketing in Instagram Tips 

This it is a reason very important to enter the platform if you have products or services appointed young people and who, generally, use his accounts of Instagram most frequently.

Now that you have three powerful reasons to use Instagram in your marketing online, we will give some tips to develop a personal brand you of simple, fast and economic form.

¤ï¸ Tips to develop a personal brand in Instagram

🙌 1. It realises a market study

When you analyze €œmarket€, you understand better the needs of your public, you learn of your competitors and you increase to the quality of your products or services. Of that way, your actions are going to be compensated and your investment will have the wished yield.

In one first stage, you can use comparative pictures in Excel or Word according to the most important indicators for you.

In order to realise an investigation of markets, you only need to identify some of your competitors in Instagram. Later, to review what commentaries or feedback receive from their followers and to take notes as far as the actions that you can take to repeat the success or to avoid some of his errors.

It remembers that, it must be an objective and ordered process. Of that way, you are going to secure valuable data that, they will fortify your brand.

🙌 2. A marketing plan elaborates

Once you have carried out your investigation, you will be able to initiate with the planning process.

In the same way that would do it a company, you must establish attainable and measurable objectives.

For example: to secure to 100 followers the first week, to receive more than 15 €œlikes€ in each one of the publications or to dedicate to a 80% of publications to the marketing of contents and 20% rest to the promotion of your services.

Nevertheless, you must always think about the short, medium and long term to concentrate your efforts and use your resources effectively. By that reason, your plans must cover monthly, quarterly or semester periods for being one marks personnel. If it were a company, then the period of the planning even can be greater.

In this stage, also it is necessary that, you establish your mission and your vision. Of that way, you will be able to transmit better your personality and to be different from the competitors.

When you have determined your objectives, your vision, your vision and your strategies (how you will reach your objectives), you must place it in a same document and, in him, add a publication calendar.

🙌 3. It optimizes your profile

The optimization of the profile is extremely important to consolidate a personal brand (or professional).

So, it chooses each word carefully that you will add to your profile.

It adds your name, your profession, your occupation and an image or, a photography yours recent or the one of your logo.

If you wish it, also you can use keywords excellent in your sector and place a link towards your website.

It remembers that, unlike other platforms, Instagram presents a limitation in that subject. By that reason, you must place the URL that can help you to have more traffic to your Web or a greater level of conversion.

🙌 4. It publishes 10 or 20 posts

An error commonly committed when constructing a personal brand is to create an account and not to publish quality contents from the first moment.

In ours first and second recommendation, we showed how to find and to develop an appropriate content to you for the public. By that reason, you must publish 10 or 20 posts at the moment that you create your account.

Although you have certain recognition or popularity in your sector, the people will begin to follow to you if you can contribute value to him, you have publications of much utility for them and demonstrate to confidence and professionalism with your account.

🙌 5. It uses hashtags strategically

Hashtags is indispensable for €œcontextualising€ the content that you publish. Of that way, you can delimit them to your market in geographic terms, the benefits that contributes or with transactional words.

Although magical formula does not exist to know the amount of hashtags that you can or you must use in each publication, is prudent to carefully choose them from step 1 and 2 in these recommendations.

By that reason, to incorporate them the Copy strategically so that they appear of natural way and they secure the wished effect.

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