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How To begin with WordPress

š¡Simple and in 10 steps (+tips)

🔥 How to begin a webpage with WordPress

The creation of a website can be a very demanding experience if we do not have sufficient knowledge in programming.

Luckily, we can resort at the moment to some technological tools that, simplify the work to us and they help us to have a better performance.

How to begin with WordPress

In that context, WordPress represents one of the elections most popular or, for personal projects, professional or enterprise.

By that reason, today we want to explain of what that manager of content consists and we will teach to you how to make a website with WordPress of simple, fast and economic form:

­ What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system of management of contents (€œContent Management Sysment€ or CMS, in English) that, it allows the creation of websites with personal, academic, informative or commercial aims, to mention only some.

At present, he is most popular of the CMS available in the market due to its easy installation, update and, especially, personalisation.

It is a gratuitous tool and accessible to all public reason why, you only need to have a domain and to have contracted a service of hosting to place all the information of your website.

WordPress is a free software and has periodic updates to improve the experience of the users and to adapt its functions in agreement with the transformations in the market.

How to begin with WordPress in 10 steps

The design of the menu of options is intuitive and easy to handle although you have very basic knowledge of programming.

It has a very great community of users throughout the world and, therefore, it is possible to have access to useful and recent information in social blogs, forums and networks.

œ“How to create a website with WordPress?

If you want to start up your first digital project, then you must review the following guide of 10 simple steps to create a website with WordPress:

˜Step 1: it buys a domain

The domain is the name of your website. Generally, one imagines of the following way: elnombredetuproyectoweb.com or nombredetuproyectoweb.net. With didactic aims, we will use the first option for this guide.

The completions €œ.com€, €œ.net€, €œ.es€ or any other receive the name of extensions and can influence in the national and world-wide positioning of your website. By that reason, their prices vary between a company and another one.

In order to buy a domain you only need to write in Google €œto buy a domain€ and to compare the diverse options that appear in the results. It is a truly simple process and not even it will take 30 minutes.


˜Step 2: contract a service of hosting

Generally, the company €œselling€ of the domains even offers the service of lodging Web and, following the contracted plan, they could flatter I dominate to you!

The election of a service of hosting yes demands a more careful study. By that reason, you must consider factors as: capacity, limit transference, speed, attention to the client, credibility of the company, prices, conditions of use, method of payment and benefits for the marketing of affiliates.

Once you have acquired the domain and your hosting, you must come to the following step.

We recommended to contract your hosting in SERED, since he offers very economic prices and he comes with Litespeed, the type of faster servant for WordPress.

˜Step 3: it activates the domain in the panel of hosting contracted

If you have acquired both services with the same company, it enters the Control Panel of your hosting and activates the domain.

As you imagine, the procedure can vary from a company to another one. Nevertheless, the majority of the times exists uniformity.

In case of to have acquired services in different companies both, you will have €œto park€ your I dominate in hosting. That is to say, to place the name of your domain in the menu of options of your hosting and to create a security password.

Later, you must enter the menu of options of the domain and place in the option of €œDSN€ the data of your hosting. You do not worry!

It is a very simple process and the time of approval it can be of 2 to 24 hours based on the companies that you have contracted.

˜Step 4: it installs WordPress as CMS and it creates your account in the platform

If either you added your I dominate in servant (computer that will store the content of your website), you must go to the option €œto create website€ or some similar term.

Once you have obtained it, assures to give to click in the logo or the name to you of WordPress and to hope to that one settles.

After some seconds or perhaps, some minutes, the system is going to indicate the WP installation.

In certain occasions, you will not be able to make the installation of automatic form since, the company of hosting contracted does not have found that option. Of being thus, you will have to unload the program of the official page www.wordpress.org and to install by your account that CMS in agreement with the instructions that appears in your company of hosting.

Now, only it lacks to create an account of user in WP with your mail and password and, later, to direct to you to €œelnombredetuproyectoweb.com/wp-admin€. It places the data and you will be able to see the panel of options of YOUR Website.

˜Step 5: it selects a group according to the subject of your website

The menu of options at the outset is the same for all the users. Nevertheless, one modifies later in agreement with plugins installed and other changes that are necessary.

It looks for the button of €œAppearance€ and, later, click in €œSubjects€.

It sails by the finder, it chooses the one that you wish, unload it and install it.

In this stage of your project, you do not need to buy a group. It only selects the one that adapts to your business and you change it more ahead.

By the way, as of that moment, already you have your website.

˜Step 6: it installs plugins that your project needs

Plugins is additional resources and harnesses the WP- benefits

It follows the indications of the previous step, but this time in the option of €œPlugins€ and €œTo add new€.

As you can see, a great variety of plugins for almost any situation exists. Nevertheless, you only must install most important or excellent for your needs. If you use them indiscriminately, your website will be able very slow or will present faults.

˜Step 7: it creates the pages of your Web

It enters the menu again, it sees €œPages€ and it looks for the option €œTo add new€ or some similar term. It creates so many as it is necessary in agreement with the characteristics of your project.


˜Step 8: it creates the main menu of the Web


In the WP menu, it looks for the option of €œAppearance€. There, you must click in €œMenus€ to create one and form it. You can add a main menu and subdomains. Following the selected group, you could even have two menu in your website.


By the way, the menu you are going it to create based on the pages that you have created in the previous step.



˜Step 9: it personalizes your website according to your tastes or corporate brand


In the option of €œAppearance€, you click in €œPersonalizing€. In that new menu of options, you will be able to modify the design of your website.


So, it changes the head, the name of the site, forms the menus, it chooses the colors and it realises any other transformation that you need.



˜Step 10: it creates and it publishes content for your website


As you know, the content is the king. By that reason, you must create and publish what your future visitors wish.


In this stage, you must add the description to your page of €œWho we are€ or €œWho I am€, presenting your services or products, to add connections to your social networks, to place the Policies of Cockies and it norms of use, but the more amount: to publish your posts, entrances or articles. But how?

It looks for the button €œEntered€ and soon you click in €œAdding new€. Immediately, it will appear the interface where you are going to write (or to beat) your texts and to add the graphical resources, audio-visual and links that you consider opportune to improve the quality of articles.

œ… 10 tips of gold to create a website with WordPress

†’ 7. It optimizes your time by means of the selection a basic or popular group. If you have desire to secure €œthe perfect€ group, you will waste long time and you will get tired. If you already have some customized group of some previous project and wish to use it in this website, only you must go to €œAppearance€, soon to €œSubjects€, €œAdd new€, €œRaise subject€, €œSelect file€ and, finally, €œTo install now€.

†’ 9. Before creating the pages of the website, he is opportune to elaborate a €œscheme€ that it shows the architecture or it structures of the website.

†’ 10. It carries out an analysis of key words (or Keywords) before initiating the writing process of articles. Of that way, you will be able to use most advisable for the positioning of the website and to generate visits.

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