Development of Webpages

You need to increase the visibility of your business? You want a webpage? The main activity of is the development of webpages. We are specialistic in the creation of pages for small and medium businesses and worked type of structures Web 2,0 yet as:

Web for companies of Logro±o

Web of Company

Web for independent and professional

Web for Independent

Web for Commerces in Logro±o

Web for Commerces

Web for Restaurants in Logro±o

Web of Restaurants

Creation Logro±o Blogs

Design of Blogs

Virtual catalogues

Virtual catalogues

Directories Online in Logro±o

Directories Online

Landing Pages in Logro±o

Landing Pages

Aside from traditional means for the pick up of new potential clients as they can be the publication of announcements in local directories, the calling cards, the recommendation mouth mouth, press, radio etc. surely your business has a pick up of clients limited and submitted to the schedule of opening of your company and to its geographic situation, or what is the same, it is limited to catch clients who happen in front of your business.

With your webpage you will break this barrier and you will do visible your business the 24 hours, the 7 days of the week, in addition and most important, will be visible more in used mass media of the world, Internet.

What prices have a Web?

Next we left a table you of considered prices so that you know the price a webpage. In such case this table is only orientation, since we always adapted to your requirements and we studied and we elaborated a budget in agreement with the needs.

Design Basic Web

from 679 ‚¬
  • Basic pages
  • Hosting and Dominio including
  • Web Self-managementable
  • Thought for small businesses that need to have a visibility modern and elegant Web without no complexity.

Design Advanced Web

from 979 ‚¬
  • Basic plan + Pages Outposts
  • Graphical designs including
  • Study SEO
  • Thought for companies that want to remove the maximum party to him to their business in the network and the finders without resigning to perfect finishing.

Design Premium Web

from 1379 ‚¬
  • Advanced plan + Complex Pages
  • Elaboration of Contents
  • Everything what you need€¦
  • Thought for great pages Webs and/or portals advanced with some more special and specific needs for each case.

You to size want a budget for your page?

It contacts now with us and we speak of your webpage.

All our designs Web include:

From we want to offer a service to you of development integral Web, is why all our designs offer by defect a series of basic characteristics that all company of design Web in Logro±o would have to offer to its clients:


Web Hosting, Domain and Backup copies

In order to not to make waste the time and search the most optimum yield you for your webpage, all our developments free include of series Web Hosting (servant where the archives are stored that your Web contains) and Name of Domain ( during 1º year. And for your greater tranquillity, we periodically automated the security and consistency of your webpage realising backup copies (each 1-2 weeks).

SEO - Search engine optimization

Positioning Basic Web

But€¦ I will obtain visits? It will have my webpage visibility? It will be listed in Google? All the pages Webs that we realised include a service SEO (search engine optimization) where we will add your project in the main web search engines as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc€¦ In addition we worked to implement in your site a correct architecture Web, perfect management of internal liaisons and a optimum structure of contents, and so he will be to us much more easy scalar positions in the results search.

Accounts of Email

Accounts of E-mail

We create for you the account number of e-mail that is necessary for your company or business, which soon could be distributed between the members of the same. These accounts will have the structure of €œ€ obtaining so your electronic communications take a more corporative character.

Technical support

Technical support

During the development of your webpage and once finished and given, we offer a complete lasting technical support to you in the time for your greater tranquillity. Feel frees at the time of asking to us to your doubts about the operation and handling to you of your website.

It requests information on your store online in Logro±o

Marketing Online Logro±o

You know clearly that you need a webpage? RhysMedia wants to be your study of development Web, to accompany you in your project Web, to facilitate all possible the jump to you to the network and to attend to you at the time of covering all the needs at any moment that your company can require in the ample world of Internet.

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