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Examples of Direct Marketing

š¡15 practical examples


œ… 15 examples of Direct Marketing that you can realise

Direct Marketing talks about to a set of techniques, carefully selected methods and resources to achieve the strategic objectives of a company.

In that context, the ethics and the knowledge of the market become determining factors for the success of any undertaking.

Direct marketing

By that reason, today we want to present 15 examples to you of Direct Marketing in the businesses that you can also use from this moment:

1. Email Marketing

It consists periodically to send messages with informative intentions through e-mail.

Sometimes, also it is possible to send another type of messages as promotional or the persuasive ones to create a positive feedback in the public in relation to the brand or to offered products and services.

An example of this technique would be newsletters that your company of hosting sends weekly or monthly to communicate promotions, discounts or changes of its policies.

2. Landing page or landing page

How many times you have visited a website and, suddenly, it appears a form of subscription in exchange for an electronic book or a customized attention?

Then, that type of forms denominates €œpages to them of landings€ and allow to transform to the visitors into leads. Of that way, the data base is fed (BBDD) and is possible to maintain a direct bonding with the public by means of the shipment of e-mails, telephone calls or text messages.

3. Publicity online

Unlike the traditional publicity, the publicity online can be segmented and allows to send the message towards a public with specific features until obtaining an effect or a wished reaction.

Another advantage is that it is economic and allows a monitoring in real time.

A very clear example would be banners of product sales or services that appear in some webpages and, of course, the announcements in platforms as YouTube.

4. Social networks

It favors the bidirectional communication between the public and the company. Of that way, it is possible to offer an attention effectiveness, participating and faster.

Also, it periodically allows the diffusion of content and promotional resources within the virtual community; increasing of that way, engagement and the possibilities of sales.

5. Live chat in websites

Automatization Direct Marketing

It allows an attention immediate to the needs of the visitors of a site that, sells products and/or services. Of that way, it is possible to clarify the doubts quickly and to obtain the purchase action.

6. Forms of contact in websites

Generally, they appear in an own page of the website. Nevertheless, also it is possible to find them when it does not exist live in an operator available in the chat.

As you know, you have fields simple to fill and allow, like the pages of landings, to feed the BBDD.

7. Tele-marketing

It is a technique of the traditional marketing that, allows to contact potential clients directly and to know its desires and needs in relation to the goods or services that offers a company.

The abilities of the agents of telemarking are fundamental for the success of this work. Reason why, it requires of script with concrete arguments to generate confidence in the comunicativas clients and capacities to handle his objections.

And, in the same way that does the forms and landing pages, they allow to feed the BBDD and to purify them.

8. Telesaleses

It is a tele-marketing modality that, it looks for to wake up the intention of purchase of products and services.

Generally, they can be considered as an invasive practice if one does not provide the true information of the company and its intentions with the call. Nevertheless, commonly it is used in the businesses related to the telecommunications and can offer interesting benefits to his potential clients.

9. Podcats and videos of presentation

The audio-visual resources in the digital platforms project professionalism, confidence and responsibility.

By that reason, usually they are incorporated in direct marketing and allow the product presentation/services or companies, announcement of promotions or any other useful information for his clients.

In addition, they allow to know feedback through the unloadings, visualizations, commentaries, indicating reactions and another key of management (Key Performance Indicators or KIPs).


Direct marketing Purchases


10. Deliveries of samples, samplings and demonstrations

It is a technique commonly used so much in the scope online as in offline. In addition, it can be used for products or services.

An example would be the qualification platforms online that offer a period of test of the programs and, if you do not feel satisfied or satisfied with education, can refund the money to you. Of that way, they can demonstrate to the quality of his products or services and to construct lasting relations with the clients.

11. Coupons and discounts

They have been revitalising elements of the traditional commerce and, for some years, also of ecommerce.

They wake up the intention of purchase and, almost always, they secure the purchase action.

12. Commercial fairs, exhibitions, missions and other promotional events

Although they are little common still in the scope online, have an excellent effect to interact with possible clients and to realise negotiations for the sale of products and services.

13. Marketing of influencer

Influencers has the capacity to often direct the behavior of their followers reason why, they can favor the presentation of a new brand in the market or foment the acquisition of products and services.

14. Marketing of Contents

The Marketing of Contents constructs communities and wakes up feelings between the consumers and the brands.

Although it does not have an immediate effect in the intention of purchase, yes influences significantly in the preference of a brand before his competitors.

15. Direct sales

The technique of direct marketing of more important is the sale properly.

Direct Marketing

At present, different mechanisms can be applied online and online from complementary way to facilitate the work of the force of sales and obtain the wished yield.

🙌 As you can see, exists a great variety of examples of direct marketing in our day to day. Nevertheless, the election of those techniques is not realised of arbitrary way, but whereas clause the conditions of the market. Of that way, the realised efforts can be recommenced and to generate the correct impact in the objective public.

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