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Advantages and Disadvantages of the Social Networks

š¡What have of good and bad

œ… Social Networks: advantages and disadvantages

The Social Networks have arrived to remain. The Social Average Marketing already has become one of the used strategies of marketing online more, but, we really know what we faced?

Although it is certain that the presence of the companies in Social Networks can provide a incalculable number of advantages, can also cause some disadvantage that we must know how to resolve so that our strategy of marketing online is not affected. œ…


In spite of which many can think, the advantages of the Social Networks for the companies are unquestionable.


The presence in Social Networks of the companies has become an obligation, mainly if the objective public to whom we went is 100% digitalis. The visibility is one of the main advantages, and is that it is not only tried to be, but to be made notice. A good strategy of Social Networks can extend the access to your public of quantitative and qualitative form.

Active listening

The new communication channel that supposes the Social Networks not only must be used to send messages, but to listen what says of your company and your products/services. These commentaries are authentic jewels that, managed well, can contribute to improve your supply, to testear your products/services, etc.


The communication is the base of the Social Networks. Beyond conforming a showcase name brand, the social platforms have become the managing majors of attention the client of the moment. A new one via, economic, fast and effective, to give answer to a user who values the immediacy on all the things.


Social Average Marketing

The loyalty process was a complicated task before the irruption of the Social Networks, and is that to be able to connect to your objective public with the brand it was almost impossible. Now the things have changed. The Social Networks have humanized the brands, and in this way, they have managed to create a touching and almost unbreakable bond between the user and the company.

›” Disadvantages

However, they are all advantages? The answer is no. Next we are going to enumerate some of the most evident disadvantages of the presence of the companies in Social Networks, although

it is necessary to say that all of them can be resolved more with a good management and than necessary strategy of Social Networks.


The great ones feared of the Social Networks: trolls. All we know to what we talked about when we spoke of trolls, and is that they were already known, but the accessibility, the immediacy and the reach of the Social Networks have caused that their effects can be devastating.

A bad commentary can suppose an authentic crisis for the brand. For this reason, he is indispensable to count on a plan of crisis/action that allows us to manage of satisfactory form any type of commentary, to be able to be, of form immediate and redirigiendo the conversation to deprived surroundings, far from the eyes of the rest of the community.


The Social Networks are a magnificent space to establish conversation with the users and to know better our objective public, but a lack of attention can turn this scene into a disadvantage.

The immediacy is one of the elements more valued by the users, mainly if we consider that many of them understand the Social Networks as a route of attention to the client. The lack of answer or interaction with the users can contribute to the creation of a bad conception of the brand.

Bad image

The bad image that a brand can give in Social Networks is not as much a disadvantage of the same as the result of a bad management.

The lack of answer, of organization and planning, added to the absolute absence of strategy, can turn the presence into Social Networks of a company in an authentic hell for its image name brand.

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