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Techniques of Digital Marketing

š¡Better techniques in 2019

œ… Technical and strategies of digital marketing

Digital marketing could be defined as all those action, strategies and techniques that are developed in the surroundings online and which they are focused to create or to improve the relations between the companies and their objective public, mainly, with the aim of promoting products or services.

These techniques or strategies numerous and are very varied based on each project, since each has a function within a great framework that we called strategy of digital marketing.

The objective public, the sector, the product or service, the zone of market, the budget of the project and a long list of others of factors will condition the strategies to follow to achieve the determined objectives.

6 Strategies of Marketing

Which are the main ones? We showed them to you.

🎯 SEO (optimization for web search engines)

The popular term SEO makes reference to the optimization for web search engines, that is to say, all those actions that are made inside and outside a website with the aim of increasing its visibility in the pages of results of the different finders.

When a strategy of digital marketing settles down, the SEO usually is one of the techniques appellants, mainly because it contributes of direct form to increase the traffic to the webpage, although is more necessary to consider that is a strategy that will give results in the medium and long term.

🎯 SEM (marketing in web search engines)

Also met as PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click), many professionals of the sector they summarize the SEM term to the publicity in finders, or what is the same, the popular campaigns of announcements of payment in finders, although the certain thing is that its meaning is much more ample.

Like the SEO, SEM tries to provide traffic to the website through a greater visibility, although in this case, this visibility is obtained from immediate form. One is a strategy that settles down to obtain results to cut-means term, and very usually it is used in precise campaigns of sale (Christmas, reductions, etc.).

🎯 Social Average Marketing

The appearance of the social networks transformed the unidirectional concept completely that we had until then of marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a countless number of platforms have done more possible that the communication between companies and users is bidirectional, and as anticipated, the Social Average Marketing has become an indispensable strategy of digital marketing.

Its objective is not other that to create a new communication channel that does possible to connect the companies with the users, although strategy of Social Average Marketing is other many specific objectives that they contribute to obtain the results determined to the strategy of digital marketing.

🎯 Publicity in Social Networks

The publicity in Social Networks would be what SEM in the finders. That is to say, also one is campaigns of announcements of payment, although in the different social platforms. Tenth different because each of them has a different manager of announcements, with the exception of Facebook and Instagram, that they share his (with certain differences), for that reason of which both belong to Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Youtube Ads, etc. All have their advantages and their disadvantages, although they count on common goals: to increase the visibility, to enlarge the community or to derive traffic to the website.

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