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Difference between SEO and SEM

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🔰 Which are the differences between SEO and SEM?

For native digitalises and the professionals of marketing online, SEO and SEM have become two of the terms more used to devise any strategy that boasts, but, we know really which are the differences between SEO and SEM?

Both concepts are tie, as its own name indicates (SEO: Search Engine Optimization and SEM: Search Engine Marketing), with the finders, although exists a main and radical difference between both: the type of investment.

Before entering us in the differences of these two techniques of marketing online, we are going to analyze briefly what is and in what is based each of them.


œ… What is the positioning SEO?

The acronym SEO makes reference to the optimization for finders, or what is the same, all those actions that are realised in and for a website with the aim of increasing their visibility (to position it) between the organic results search of the different finders.

It is important to mention that, unlike which you can think, Google is not €œthe€ finder, but one of many, although is certain well that he is most popular, at least in Spain.

The requirements are many that the finders consider at the time of positioning a Web, although the main ones are two: authority and relevance. Whereas the authority makes reference to the popularity of the website, the relevance alludes to the relation of the page with a search at issue.

The SEO is divided, mainly, in two great groups: on page and in off page.

The SEO on page includes all those actions that are realised in the page and which they are directed to secure relevance. They are, therefore, those works focused in making understand to the web search engine of what treats the website.


The SEO in off page, on the other hand, concentrates in increasing the authority, and it does through external factors, that is to say, by means of connections.


œ… What is SEM in Google Ads?

The SEM acronym talks about to marketing in finders, and are many those that reduce it to the campaigns of announcements of payment in finders, although the certain thing is that it could lodge all the actions of marketing realised in and for finders, are of payment or no, which would include the SEO.

In order to avoid confusions, qued©monos with which SEM is the publicity in finders, since it is extended between the professionals of the sector.

The objective of SEM, like the SEO, is to increase the visibility of a website, although in this case it is worth of the publicity tools that the own finders make our available: campaigns of announcements.


We speak of the popular announcements of payment by click, which grants the name to him of PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click).

🔗 basic Differences between SEO and SEM

Now that we know a little better each one of the terms, we are going to concentrate in the differences between SEO and SEM, although already they seem a little more obvious.

œ”Type of investment

It is the main difference to that we in the home made reference of this article, and is that, in spite of which many think, the SEO is not free. Both techniques require of a budget to invest, although whereas in SEO it is only destined to cover the work with an expert technician in this area (and some that another connection), SEM centers its investment in paying to the finders by the received clicks.


We cannot forget that both techniques are centered in securing one better visibility of the website, reason why the position in which appears in the results search also is excellent. Whereas SEM grants a clear and high-priority position, since the finders establish a strip superior and a lateral one that exclusively destine to the announcements, the SEO only can position the webpage in the central zone, as long as you are on the front page and between the first positions, something not very easy.

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