You imagine to have a webpage positioned in top 1 under key words as €œdiets€, €œdiet of pineapple€, €œdoes diet dukan€ and all related type of keywords? And to receive more than 8,000 daily visits? And above to win graze does goose with her? It stops imagining it to you, since in SEONautas they are going to teach to you as doing it.

For Riojaweb it has been a pride to work in the development and design of the SEONautas webpage, which command 2 great friendly and partners as they are Alex Navarro, one of the best SEOs of Spain, and David Jornet, expert in minting Web.

SEONautas is a deprived platform of divided learning where you will find more than 25 tutorial video in different didactic modules.

Do You like what you see? You want a similar Web?

You do not wait for more and contacts now with us. We will construct for you the webpage that litters looking for!