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In agreement with the exigency of article 10 of Law 34/2002, into 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Comercio Electr³nico (LSSI-CE), VIP AVERAGE it informs into the following data:


The holder of this website is VIP AVERAGE, with NIF 47276949N, commercial denomination VIP AVERAGE and head office in BADALONA. The email address of contact with the company is The present information regulates the conditions of use, the limitations of responsibility and the obligations that the users of the webpage that publishes under the name of the domain which the users assume and they are committed to respect.


Through this website, VIP AVERAGE it offers services of distribution of publicity and door-to-door looking for to satisfy the needs with our users, being facilitated to them the access to the use of our services and guiding to them in the steps that must follow in the navigation of the same.


In case a connection is introduced by a user of Internet from its own Website to the AVERAGE Website of VIP, the connection will only tie with the main page of this one last one, but it will not be able to reproduce it of any form, and, in case the contents of the Website with contents other people's to the same visualize, these other people's contents will not be able to induce to error, confusion or deceit in the Usuary ones on the origin of their contents, nor to suppose an act of comparison or disloyal imitation or an advantage of the AVERAGE reputation of VIP. It will not be realised from the page that introduce the connection no type of AVERAGE false or inexact manifestation on VIP, companies associated, collaborating or employees, nor will be indicated in this page who have the AVERAGE consent of VIP for the insertion of the connection, or that VIP AVERAGE has some relation or collaboration with this page. Safe in the cases allowed by VIP specifically AVERAGE the authorized law or, whenever a direct link with its Website is allowed, it is prohibited the use of any brand or any other AVERAGE distinguishing sign of VIP within the page where is the connection, unless it is authorized specifically. The page that establishes the communication will have to fulfill the law and not to arrange or to connect with illicit or opposite contents to the moral and moral convention. On the other hand, the own Website includes technical devices of connection that allow the User to accede to other pages and portals of Internet, acting VIP AVERAGE as lender of services of intermediation in accordance with article 17 of Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the Information and of Electronic Commerce, reason why will only be responsible for the contents and services provided in the connected sites in case being had effective knowledge, in the form anticipated by the Law of Services of the Society of the Information, of the illegality it has not deactivated the connection. The existence of connected sites does not suppose that agreements with the people in charge or holders of the same exist, and VIP AVERAGE does not become person in charge by the damages produced by the illegality, quality, desactualizaci³n, nonavailability, error and uselessness of the contents of these sites, since it does not know them. In any case, if the User had knowledge of which the connected sites send to pages whose contents or services are illicit or opposite to the moral it will have to put it in AVERAGE knowledge of VIP. To this end the email address is qualified, of this form, the users will have to communicate: name, direction, phone number and email address; specification of the supposed carried out illicit activity in the Portal; facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit character of this activity.


The use of the page grants the use of user and implies the acceptance of the conditions of the legal, political warning of privacy and conditions of use, if the user were not in agreement, will abstain for using the page. The user is forced and he is committed to use the page and the contents in accordance with the effective legislation, the Legal Warning, and any other warning contained in this page, as well as with the norms of coexistence, the moral and generally accepted moral convention. The User commits himself and he is committed not to transmit, to spread or to put at the disposal of third parties any content of the Page, such as information, texts, data, contents, messages, graphs, drawings, archives of sound and/or image, photographies, recordings, software, logos, brands, icons, technology, photographies, software, I connect, graphical design and source codes, or any other material to which had access as its User of the Page, without this enumeration has limiting character.


All the commercial brands, names or distinguishing signs of any class that appear in the page are AVERAGE property of VIP or, where appropriate, of third parties that are authorized their use, without it can be understood that the use or access to the portal and/or the contents attributes to the right user some on the mentioned commercial brands, names and/or distinguishing signs, and without they can be understood yielded the user, none of the operation rights that exist or can exist on these contents. And it does not understand yielded nor one authorizes his use, in any case, to the users of the page unless shelp rights of the legitimate holder of the same are obtained in writing.


The lender of services of the official pages of VIP AVERAGE in social networks is AVERAGE organization VIP with CIF 47276949N and head office in BADALONA and same address to effect of notifications. The access and use of these pages require of the acceptance of the general conditions of use of social networks and the privacy policy that more down is detailed and completes with the policy and the norms of the platforms of each social network. For any consultation or AVERAGE contact with VIP the users will be able to communicate through phone number 669486480 or of the following electronic direction:

Conditions of use of AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks

Please, it reads these conditions of use kindly since they contain all the information regarding his rights and obligations as user of AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks. The access and use of AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks are subject in addition to the fulfillment to the conditions established by each social network as titling of the platform of the service of social network. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Linkedin: When the user accedes or uses AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks indicates its consent and acceptance of the fulfillment of the established thing in the present conditions of use. The access and use of AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks are prohibited the minors of 14 years.

Allowed uses and prohibited uses

Through AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks a space is facilitated in which the user can publish and interchange information and contents, as well as to contact between several users. The use of AVERAGE the official page of VIP cannot have an economic or commercial purpose. The user is forced to realise a reasonable use of AVERAGE the official page of VIP of the social networks and of its contents, according to the possibilities and aims for which he is conceived in agreement with the uses and customs, the moral, the effective legislation, the present norms and the norms and policies published by the social networks. The user will be the only person in charge of the information, images, opinions, references or contents of any type who communicates, lodge, transmit, make available or exhibit through AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks. VIP AVERAGE could not be considered responsible editorial for the contents published by the user and declares specifically that it is not identified with any of the opinions that the users publish in AVERAGE the official page of VIP in social networks of whose consequences the emitter becomes entirely responsible for the same. In any case, it is prohibited the use of the official of VIP in social networks with illegal aims or nonauthorized AVERAGE page, or without economic purpose.


VIP AVERAGE includes in its Website a series of contents on its activities, products, structure, management and own equipment of a corporative Web. VIP AVERAGE excludes any responsibility by the damages from all nature that could derive from the access to the contents, information, publicity, options, concepts and images facilitated to the users. , VIP in any case AVERAGE does not become person in charge of:

  • The evil that the user can realise of the Website.
  • The continuity of the contents of the Website.
  • The absence of virus and/or other harmful components in the Website or the servant that provides them, as much with respect to the visualization of the contents by the users as in the unloading of the same.
  • The contents and served by other Websites to which it can have access from the Internet addresses AVERAGE ownership of VIP.
  • The major or minor yield of the contents lodged in the Website.
  • The damages or damages that any person will cause, or to itself or to third, that it infringed the conditions, norms and instructions that VIP AVERAGE in this Website.
  • The damages caused by the infringement of the security systems of the Website AVERAGE ownership of VIP.
  • The bad operation of software or plug-ins (unloading that will be able to be realised from the link established to the effect), that could be necessary for the visualization or listens of certain contents lodged in the present Website.
  • Any action or action that will be able to realise in relation to the infringement of rights of third parties, especially, in relation to the image, intellectual or industrial property.
  • Of the edition, revision, censures and verification of the contents of the pages or Sites of Internet with which the user connects himself through web search engine or of hyperbonds including in the AVERAGE Website of VIP.


Exemption of responsibility by the operation of the Webpage

VIP AVERAGE serves its and contents of continued form employing all the average technicians to its reach to realise this benefit of satisfactory form. VIP AVERAGE will be able, when it considers it advisable, to realise corrections, improvements or modifications in the information contained in its Website, without it of place, neither right to no claim or indemnification, nor implies recognition of responsibility some. VIP AVERAGE not to become person in charge by the damages of all nature that could derive from the availability and technical continuity of the operation of their Website. , VIP in any case AVERAGE will take to end all the activities necessary to restore its services in case of technical failure.


VIP AVERAGE reserves the faculty to present or penal the civil actions that considers by the illegal use of its website and contents opportune, or by the breach of the present conditions. In case of existing discrepancy between established in the present Legal Warning and Particular Conditions of each specific service, the arranged thing in these last ones will prevail. In case any disposition or dispositions contained in the present Legal Warning would be considered null or inapplicable, in his totality or partly, by any Court, Court either competent administrative agency, this invalidity or inapplicability will not affect to the rest of dispositions of the present Legal Warning nor to the Particular Conditions of the different services of the present Website. The exercise or execution, on the part of VIP AVERAGE of any right or disposition contained in these General Conditions will not constitute a resignation to the same, except for recognition and written agreement on the other hand. The relation between the user and the lender will be in force by the effective norm and of application in the Spanish territory. to arise any controversy the parts will be able to put under their conflicts arbitration or to go on the matter to the ordinary jurisdiction fulfilling the norms on jurisdiction and competition. VIP AVERAGE has its address in BADALONA, Spain.