Today it is day to put themselves melancholic and to throw the view back. You remember year 1992? It hasn't passed as much time truth?

History Web of 1992

Olympic games of Barcelona with great action of Spanish participants, Seville in center becomes of attention when celebrating the Universal Exhibition, the FC Barcelona raises with his first Champios League and run bad weather for the workers with the highest number of unemployed (in this we have not changed so much).

But€¦ that was in those time Internet?

1992: Around 50 webpages

We have made a review to the Spanish present time of that one year, but now we are going to concentrate what it happened in Internet.

At that time Internet only counted on around 50 webpages and the majority of them belonged to departments of science of prestigious universities and to laboratories of physics as those of Fermilab and SLAC.

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First privileged in acceding to the Web they did it through directories or by means of consultations to up-to-date lists as they were realised in the webpage of the NASA.

First photo hung in Internet

In April of this year, the navigating Web Erwise allowed for the first time to sail by Internet with a graphical interface. In fact in our work of investigation we have found the first photo that was hung in the Web. This image belonged to Horrible the feminine musical group €œThem Cernettes€.

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At present: 1000 Million webpages

At present the growth in the use of Internet and the accessibility which we have all the citizens at the time of acceding to, has caused that logically the number of pages Webs available has gone off potentially, until arriving at the present number from 1000 Million pages Webs.

From the webpage we can verify in direct the growth in the number of webpages and other very interesting data as the times that have been realised searches in Google, whichever e-mails have been sent etc€¦ You do not stop visiting the Web as a curiosity.

Since they have changed the times truth? We hope that your or your company is not back been and or has website where to offer its products or services to the world.

It remembers, in we can solve that problem quickly and catapult your company to Internet. It contacts with us, we are enchanted to take care of to you.

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