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SEO for small and medium businesses

The importance of the SEO in the SMEs

March 23, 2016 |

The SEO is the form to improve the positioning with respect to your competition, when a search of a word or phrase is realised in an Internet finder. If you have a business with a webpage and you have not understood anything than you finish reading, perhaps you would have to finish reading this article. 😉€¦

21 of Abril Web Responsive

21 of April: You do your Web responsive or you will lose traffic

April 2, 2015 |

We enter the month of April and already it is approached the indicated date. 21 of April Ah, that you do not know that it will happen that day? In serious? Leave me that it tells it to you: Google puts serious with movable navigation All the changes that Google realises in its algorithms (the famous panda, penguin, hummingbird, etc)€¦

Backgrounds video in Pages Webs

Background video: Bottoms animated in your Web

February 5, 2015 |

The fashion no longer is only thing of the footbridges, in the design Web also tendencies and fashions exist. One of these last ones is the incorporation video backgrounds or bottoms animated in the form of videos to be able to draw attention of the user. And create to me that in many cases it is obtained. Perhaps in this post€¦

History Web of 1992

History Web: 1992 with rather less 50 Webs

December 12, 2014 |

Today it is day to put themselves melancholic and to throw the view back. You remember year 1992? It hasn't passed as much time truth? Olympic games of Barcelona with great action of Spanish participants, Seville in center becomes of attention when celebrating the Universal Exhibition, the FC Barcelona raises with his first Champios League and€¦

Welcome to the Blog of Riojaweb

Welcome to the Blog of Riojaweb

December 7, 2014 |

We are enchanted to give you the welcome to the blog of Riojaweb.es. We always recommended our clients who incorporate a blog to the webpage of their company and in the case of already they count with which they use it and they give an appropriate use him. A blog is a marketing tool online that allows to share€¦